Why should you be flexible on Location?

ABF Grocery Group is made up of 8 different small to medium sized food businesses and one of the real benefits of this is that we can offer a rich variety of experiences early in your career. We aim to give you contrasting placements in your first 2 years with us so that you are exposed to a variety of businesses and scenarios. We pride ourselves on giving real roles with real responsibility from the very beginning and to do so we need you to be able to move between our locations to get those fantastic experiences. Our Graduates tell us time and time again that the chance to see more than one business  helps them learn different ways of working, understand a variety of food and drink categories and also builds great resilience and a network for the future.



What commitment do we need from you?

Mobility between our sites is extremely important and we are unable to offer a role to you if you are not able to move locations. We need you to commit to being flexible to move in your second year on scheme so that you can make the most of what we have to offer at ABF. 



What support will we offer you?

We fully understand that moving location can be challenging and we are committed to making the process as smooth as possible for you. Firstly, we try and tell you as early as possible which location you will be heading to.  Our offices and sites don’t tend to be in the centre of big cities, so some of our graduates choose to live in a city and commute to work so that they can live with friends or family. Others like to live more locally and have a quick and easy journey to work.  Either way, you’ll find that we are open and supportive, helping you to get settled so that you can get the best out of your scheme.  You’ll be able to chat to past graduates to find out how it worked for them.  In ABF we work flexibly, so you will also find that there will be days when you can agree with your manager that you work from home, London or another office location.   

Which scheme is for you?